The world’s biggest video platform YouTube has just issued a new terms of services, and a particular clause has already led to various content creators worrying about the livelihood of their channels.

According to the new terms, under the section “Account Suspension & Termination,” a clause states:

“YouTube may terminate your access, or your Google account’s access to all or part of the Service if YouTube believes, in its sole discretion, that provision of the Service to you is no longer commercially viable.”


This new inclusion to YouTube’s terms of services essentially allows the platform to delete your account or channel if it thinks you’re not making enough money for them — and it doesn’t only affect content creators but also viewers, as all it states is “Google account.” Some have claimed that this is YouTube’s gateway to censorship, whilst other more optimistic users think the company is merely using this to curb hate speech and other forms of offensive discrimination. So far, YouTube has not officially addressed when and how this clause will be used.