This will probably be the best video you’ll see today. YG was the musical guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (May 6) and although the performance video hasn’t been released yet, a skit between the West Coast artist and Kimmel has captured the internet’s attention.

Most recently, YG shared “Go Loko” featuring Tyga and the Puerto Rican rapper Jon Z. The single is a new record off YG’s forthcoming as-yet-untitled new album and pays homage to YG’s friends in the Latinx community.

For the “New Lyrics For Old People” bit, YG recites some of his lyrics from “Go Loko” while Kimmel comedically explains what they mean. “It’s a beautiful song about life and love and relationships, but if you’re of an older generation, it might be hard to follow,” says Kimmel to prep the audience about the skit. Watch the entire video above.