Sony Pictures released the first 9 minutes of Bad Boys for Life as the film officially becomes available on digital. The film, which reprises franchise stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, sees the detectives join forces “one last time” to take down the wife and son of a Mexican drug lord out for revenge.

In the footage above, we see both Mike (Smith) and Marcus (Lawrence) during the opening of the film. They’re seen drifting in the streets of Miami as if they’re in a high-speed chase. However, in actuality, they’re trying to make the birth of Marcus’ grandson.

Bad Boys for Life earning $62.5 million USD in its opening weekend. The threequel outperformed previous Bad Boys movies and ended its worldwide theatrical run at $425.5 million USD. As such, a fourth movie has already been greenlit.

Several titles like Birds of Prey and Bad Boys for Life are now moving to VOD following the postponement of several films slated to debut in theaters. This, of course, is due to the coronavirus pandemic—which has also postponed the season 10 finale of The Walking Dead.

Check out the footage above and special featurette below, then watch Bad Boys for Life in full on VOD or Digital today.