According to The Verge, Spotify will be rolling out the long-awaited Siri support with the latest iOS 13.1 update.

Currently in beta testing, the new feature will allow iPhone users to directly use Siri to play songs from different albums and playlists on Spotify. The feature was added as part of Apple’s recent iOS 13 update, and puts Spotify on equal footing with Apple Music in terms of Siri support. It also appears to work with AirPods, allowing users to simply say “Hey Siri” and then instruct her to play different tracks.


However, the new voice function still has a few shortcomings. Asking Siri to play podcasts on Spotify can be problematic, as the feature defaults to searching for music instead of podcasts. As of now, there’s also no dedicated Spotify app for the Apple Watch, so asking Siri to play music from the app via the device would not work. Instead, Siri will simply reply “I’m sorry, I can’t do that on your Apple Watch.”

There’s no official word from Spotify yet about a release date for the new feature, but sources suggest that it could be arriving in the coming weeks, so definitely keep an eye out for any updates in the near future.