At the beginning of this month, Roddy Ricch reconnected with Mustard for the music video in support of their Perfect Tencollaboration “Big Stepper.” Redirecting the focus back to the promotional campaign for the follow-up to last year’s Feed Tha Streets II project, the West Coast superstar is linking up with producer Lil Mexico for a new single titled “Big Stepper.”

“Can’t f*ck with none of these broke n***as, they contaminated / Thank God for all of these bluefaces, I barely done made it / Made 40,000 on new years, took a private to Vegas,” Roddy Ricch croons on “Big Stepper. “I been on promethazine so long, when I’m slidin’ I’m faded / I been tryin’ to get a crib so long, now I got it, it’s gated / I been touchin’ all of these millions, I know they gon’ hate it.”

“It’s hard to put myself in a category. My objectives are different,” Roddy Ricch explained to Respect in 2018. “I feel like with my music it’s more like pain music, motivation music, therapy music with my struggles and my pain + my downfalls. All of that is for people to listen to and try to better their lives that’s like the overall goal for me to help someone do better for themselves.”

You can check out Roddy Ricch’s latest single “Big Stepper” above.