Whether you’re a professional gamer or an aspiring one, you’ll be familiar with the struggle between satisfying your hunger and keeping your kill-death-ratio up. If this is a problem you frequently encounter, fret not, Pringles has finally come up with a solution.

Dubbed the “Hunger Hammer,” Pringles has created a series of 3D-printed components which can be attached to a Razer headset to create a Pringles-feeding machine reminiscent of the beer hats you’ll find being worn at various sporting events. While it’s still a “beta prototype,” the little contraption works by basically holding a tube of chips on the side of your headset, which slowly feeds down into a mechanical arm. Upon pushing a button on the headset or remote, the arm will feed a chip to your mouth for your enjoyment, allowing you to fully focus on the game at hand.

To promote the new Hunger Hammer, Pringles linked up with Twitch streamer Criken. You can check out the full recording of the livestream down below, or watch Engadget‘s review of the device above.