Following a hugely successful Aurea concept, Italian auto design firm Pininfarina has linked up once again with super yacht maker Rossinavi for another luxury concept.

Inspired by the former’s Gran Turismo, the upper deck is modelled with the design and proportions of those sports cars in mind, while maintaining large open spaces spanning across several lounges, providing ample room for entertainment. The main staircases by the rear reflect the air intakes of Pininfarina’s racers, while massive floor-to-ceiling glass windows provide plenty of light and an added sense of spaciousness to the cruiser. All together, the yacht is an incredible 215-feet long.

Performance-wise, the Super Sport 65 is impressively powered by four MTU 16V engines which together push out a whopping 2,600 horsepower, giving the luxury yacht a top speed of 30 knots. When cruising, it can reach up to 28 knots, with a maximum range of 4,000 nautical miles when sailing at a more fuel-efficient speed of 12 knots.

As Pininfarina and Rossinavi’s Super Sport 65 Yacht is still a concept, the two have not announced any potential release date or pricing information, but those interested can head over to its dedicated page to learn more now.