Nicki Minaj is back, and not without some controversy. The emcee turned international pop superstar has released “Yikes,” a hard-hitting reminder of her stature in the hip-hop industry and a warning to any potential foe trying to get in her way. She also confirmed that “Yikes” isn’t her lead single for her upcoming fifth studio album to a crowd full of her fans during a recent interview, clarifying, “it’s not my single, because my single will be launched with a visual. This is a set-up song with no video. Please don’t kill me ya’ll, you asked me to put it out, don’t forget.”


As for the controversy, Nicki has currently come under fire for the last two bars of her first verse, rapping, “Hella bands, pull up, stashed up, super facts up/ All you b*tches Rosa Parks, uh-oh, get your a** up.” The track’s release was delayed nearly three hours with rumors that Nicki rewrote the majority of the verse to take shots at Meek Mill after a recent Twitter back-and-forth with Nicki rapping, “Soon as n*ggas press you, boy, you throw up peace signs, yeah/ You don’t want that action, pull your cards, you decline, yeah.”

Nicki Minaj’s last major release was her Queen back in August 2018 which she followed up with the summer-ready anthem “MEGATRON”back in June 2019. Earlier this year, hip-hop legend Trina teamed up with Nicki for their collaborative effort “BAPS”. It was the fourth time the two rappers paired together to trade verses.

While a release date is still unknown for the Nicki’s fifth studio album, you can stream her stand alone single “Yikes” below