Logic is officially retired from the rap game and although he didn’t initially explain his sudden exit, the No Pressure artist finally revealed why exactly he left his music career behind.

Speaking to Hard Knock TV, Logic explained that he didn’t want his family to be targets of the same online harassment he experienced in his career. “It happens all the time. I’ll go, ‘I love you guys!’ and somebody’s like, ‘F*ggot.’ How can you just say this and nothing happens to you? Like, that’s crazy to me, dog,” he said. “And they’ll sh*t on me… It’s gonna happen. They’re gonna call my baby ugly. They’ve already sh*t on my wife, made accounts and called her ugly. It’s crazy.”

His abrupt retirement was accompanied by a final studio album entitled No Pressure. Although he’s saying goodbye to music, fans can still catch him streaming weekly on Twitch.