Looking to make his triumphant comeback, Justin Bieber and his team kicked the promotion of his new single “Yummy” into overdrive, hoping to get the song at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

But Bieber’s efforts are now being criticized, by fans and the music world. Aside from releasing multiple physical and digital single variants, seven music videos, a game and interesting promotional interactions, the Canadian artist also shared and deleted fan-made instructions on how to stream “Yummy” to manipulate stats, in order to secure the number one spot. The instructions tell fans to create “Yummy” playlists and play them all throughout the day, even when they sleep, and even suggest using a VPN service for those overseas.

Andrew Barber of Fake Shore Drive, noted that major labels have gamed the system for quite some time and that Beiber’s promotional strategy is just a sign of how the music industry has changed.

Take a look at some of Justin Bieber’s questionable streaming strategy for “Yummy” below.