Scottish actor Gerard Butler is featuring in yet another disaster film, this time revolving around a massive Earth-destroying comet, and the first trailer for the upcoming film has just been released.

Directed by Angel Has Fallen director Ric Roman Waugh, Greenland stars Butler alongside Morena Baccarin and Scott Glenn and will follow the story of a man trying to save his estranged wife and his young son from an incoming planet-shattering comet. The three will set off on a long road trip in a race against time to get their family into a bunker that becomes the only safe haven for them while shards from the comet begins destroying numerous cities.

“If we talk about it at its basics, I just loved this idea of a family,” Butler told Entertainment Weekly. “It starts off with a feeling of an almost simple family drama: a family struggling to get back together, the husband has just moved back into the house, the son is not sure what is going on, and you feel like it’s going one way but in the background something more sinister is developing. And then through their drama you’re thrown into this much larger, epic, overpowering scenario that they have no control over, and it becomes this fight for survival, but with a family you’re already grounded with and care about. It becomes this road trip to save themselves, and also what they experience along the way and how is the rest of humanity dealing with this. But ultimately, it feels like this journey into love and support and connections and understanding what really is important in life. And I felt like that was a very powerful and inspiring message.”

Watch the first trailer above and look for Greenland to release August 14.