Directly following the release of her sophomore studio album Hot Pink, Doja Cat is choosing to support and promote the LP by serving up a new music video for one of the LP’s standout cuts. Specifically, the popular songstress is introducing a provocative vignette for Hot Pink‘s opening salvo “Cyber Sex,” using that record’s music video as a platform to present her futuristic, over-the-top spin on camming.

“I was raised on hip hop, soul and R&B and I LOVED pop, but when I was making music I went straight into rap because singing takes a little bit more muscle and I felt like I’d embarrass myself if I started out singing. I’m always looking for new ways to shape my sound and I love doing shit that’s entertaining as opposed to shit that just sounds pretty,” Doja Cat shared with HYPEBAE earlier this year, breaking down her early inspirations and opening up about her music’s current themes. “I like to touch on topics of romance as far as sex, break-ups, and owning/embracing the rollercoaster we call love. I love to write about emotional freedom and I love humor. I think it’s essential to be humorous and to have a comedic filter when I’m writing any of my songs. My message is freedom.”

You can take a look at the new music video for Doja Cat’s Hot Pink track “Cyber Sex” above.