Maximilian Schneider, an automotive enthusiast and exterior designer at Mitsubishi Motors Japan, has developed a concept car inspired by Mazda’s future dubbed the RX-10 Vision Long Tail.

The Maza RX-10 Vision Long Tail draws inspiration from the soon-coming LeMans Hypercar Class of 2021, which Schneider says could be a good opportunity for Mazda to exhibit its lastest technology. As a result, the designer has offered this concept car as an idea of the marque’s next halo offering — something that would combine hydrogen power with the traditional Japanese rotary engine.

Schneider’s design is low slung and aerodynamic, taking inspiration from classic Group-C racers by adding a wide and low stance alongside its extreme long tail look. It also incorporated Mazda’s design language of “Kodo” — the soul of motion — by making sure it does not feature big air ducts, cuts or spoilers. Instead, it opts for swooping lines all around.

The RX-10 Vision Long Tail is said to be powered by a 2.3-liter turbocharged three-rotor engine pushing out 780 HP to the rear wheels, as well as two additional electric engines providing the front wheels with 125 HP each. Altogether, the concept produces a hypothetical 1,030 HP and would reach 0-62 MPH in just 2.5 seconds, continuing onto a top speed of 265 MPH.

Take a look at Maximilian Schneider’s Mazda RX-10 Vision Long Tail concept car in the gallery above, and sound off below in the comments.