Denzel Curry is on a tear. After his feature on JPEGMAFIA’s “BALD!” Remix (which may just be one of the best verses of 2020 thus far) and his collaborative UNLOCKED project with Kenny Beats that resulted in both a 30-minute animated short film and a comic book, the Floridian returns with “IM JUST SAYIN THO” featuring Tommy Swisher.

Denzel dropped the stand-alone single on his YouTube page with the following message in the description: “Just because we need music and happiness in a time like this. Enjoy. I love you. Denzel Curry The Person.” He then proceeds to go off on a rampage, referencing That’s So Raven and Rugrats pondering Buddhists, Christians, and Jehovah’s Witnesses all in the same bar, shouting out Bed-Stuy and Biggie and sneaking in a Marty McFly reference. It’s a world class verse gifted from the rapper to you to cheer you up during the current quarantine.

Stream the track above.