B. Simone hasn’t shied away from expressing her love for DaBaby. In fact, her love for DaBaby is so deep that it appeared the mother of the rapper’s child had beef with her last night. Simone shared a photo of herself with DaBaby gripping her behind, dubbing herself the “manifest queen” before DaBaby’s BM Meme shared a little sub calling out “negative nancies.”

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Turns out, this was all a ploy for DaBaby who’s readying the release of a short film/music video titled, “Find My Way” starring B. Simone. The rapper took to Instagram where he shared the cinematic trailer for the forthcoming visual and revealing that B. Simone will serve as his love interest. Of course, after fooling Instagram and the media, the rapper made it clear that he’s not allowing anyone to catch him slipping. “Stupid ass n***a lol, #MarketingGOAT,” he wrote. Baby’s known for using wild antics to raise brand awareness (i.e. the diaper) so this isn’t all that shocking.

With everyone stuck inside due to the coronavirus, DaBaby isn’t slowing down with the release of new content. Over the past few weeks, the rapper’s hit the ‘Gram to share snippets of new music. Though it’s unclear whether the follow up to KIRK is coming soon, he’ll be blessing fans with “Find My Way” tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled.