The longest –and creepiest– lunar eclipse of the century will take place Friday and Saturday, prompting renewed fear among those who think that this weekend’s blood moos

The lunar eclipse will see the Moon turn a red shade, thanks to the Earth passing between the Sun and the Moon, which makes some of the solar light bounce around the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere. The red and orange wavelengths scatter more than blue and violent ones, making the moon look ‘bloody’.

This eclipse will last one hour and 43 minutes, and the Moon will be in the Earth’s shadow for four hours altogether.

The best views are in Africa, the Middle East, India and China. People in the rest of Africa, Europe and parts of Asia and Australia will also see the spectacle, but it’s bad news for those in North America and Greenland, as the blood moon won’t be visible. Moon enthusiasts can watch a livestream from anywhere in the world, however, with the full eclipse due to begin at 19:30 UTC.